Video for your website

Video for your Website

We will create customized Video Web Advertising exclusively for your company. You can have a fifteen-second video commercial right on your website! What a great way to tell your customers about your company.

Packages start at only $199.00 for your video ad with 5 images, text graphics, and your script – our voice over. Every one who visits your website will see this video! At this price, you can afford to do several and change them out.

To get started, email (upload capability coming soon) with your 5 images (at least 72 dpi & 600 px wide), the text you would like to have on the ad (make it short & sweet, we only have 15 seconds here) & what you would like the voice over to say (again ONLY 15 seconds).

State whether you would like a man or woman’s voice.

We will edit for time and placement.

You will receive an emailed invoice for PayPal or Debit/Credit card payment.

You are allowed one revision of the final (in case we get something totally wrong).

NEED something more?

For our local clients, call for an appointment to bring your materials to our office for this promotion. We love to meet with you and talk about your marketing ideas. If you are looking for something more extensive, we will be happy to sit down and talk about your ideas and what we can to help,

If you would like a live action commercial, we will come to your company and film your live action up to 30-second commercial starting at only $500.00. This service has a one-time fee, and includes the necessary files and code to upload to your webmaster for insertion of your customized commercial into your website.

Don’t have a webmaster? We can help you insert the video as well. Don’t have a website? We can help with that as well.

Give us a call at 775-297-4125 or email today!